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Packing For Your Upcoming Move


Book Cartons, Standard Cartons, Packing Paper and Tape, Porta Robes available upon request.



When packing yourself, ensure all cartons are packed, sealed and clearly labeled ready for collection. Keep all valuable jewelry, passports, important documents and money with you as this cannot travel with us and cannot be insured.

Make sure all gas cylinders are emptied. DO NOT attempt to do this task yourself. Ensure all fuel is drained from the lawn mower, whipper snipper etc.


Disconnect stereo system and computer equipment. Remember to remove all CD’s and DVD’s prior to moving. Drain waterbed ready for transport Disassemble any furniture or fittings ready for transport. Disassemble outdoor items

Refer to your manufacturers handbook of your washing machine, refrigerator and other electrical equipments, as to whether they require additional packing prior to moving.



Whenever possible, please use removalist cartons  OR  Cartons of the same size.Cartons of varying sizes can be difficult for removalist. Cartons the same size pack on top of each other with no problems. All cartons must be taped on the base & top of carton, be sure to labell carton with contents Eg: Breakables, Fragile Glassware, books etc.



New Standards
New book cartons

TAPE;$3.50 each roll(75m) and PACKING PAPER is available on request. A minimal refund applies to all ctns returned undamaged.


EG: Gas bottles must be emptied, Lawn mower emptied of fuel, No Metho, No pressure packs of any sort including deoderant cans, hairsprays and cleaning products.


Fridge /Freezer in the same unit must be defrosted and excess water wiped out the day before removal.
Fridge by itself, must be defrosted and wiped out the day before removal.
Chest Freezer, Can stay full of food if you want, or if you prefer to empty over the weeks prior to removal that’s O.K too. If you choose to leave your freezer full, put the quick freeze button on the night before if it has one.A wet towel rung out and put into the freezer on top of the food can also be of some help.
Upright Door Freezers, must be defrosted and wiped out excess water the day before.



Absolutley everything that will fit into a box, please do so if at all possible:EG:ALL LOOSE ITEMS AS FOLLOWS:Empty China Cabinets, Wall Units, Kitchen Dressors, Display Cabinets of any sort, Vases, Statues, Dried Flower arrangements, Prints on walls , Photos , & Oranaments etc., Don’t forget to tape bottom & top of cartons. OPEN TOP BOXES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. ( 1 OR 2 ONLY)

Hanging Clothes in Built In Robes: PORTA-ROBES are available for use on the day of removal, must be unpacked on the same day(delivery day) @ NO CHARGE. You must let us know if you need them. Jumpers, Underwear etc., can be left in bedside chests, chests of draws or dressing tables. Can also be stored in empty freezers or blanket boxes.


Sheets, Doona’s , Blankets. Pillows can also be stored or moved in heavy duty garbage bags.
Roll up carpet pieces and mats and tape around with packing tape or string/rope.
Disconnect Washing Machine hoses from taps.
( removalist  will do if not possible)
Unplug electrical appliances: EG: T.V, VIDEO, STEREO  &  COMPUTERS: Roll up cords  ready for removal, saves heaps of time on the day of removal.



Please disassemble if applicable, but not essential.


Group together shovels, forks, picks etc., into bundles and tape together with packing tape.


Unless absolutley necessary, do NOT WATER your pot plants, they become extremley heavy and the water sometimes runs through the truck, obviously making a mess which can be prevented.



We do not store Pot Plants
No Food Packets allowed into Storage & No Flammables Please
Competitive Rates on all your storage needs
Bulk Storage facility


Remember that none of the following items can be transported under any circumstances.

  • Flammable goods
  • Toxins and Poisons
  • Explosives
  • Flammable Gases
  • Radioactive Material
  • Corrosives
  • Firearms